April 27, 2013 Two Shots


Just two shots I took around the house today.  Earlier I picked up a new photography book so that inspired me to shoot images of something.  Neither is all that great; definitely falling short of my efforts from April 23, but hey, something is better than nothing.

The music for this page is “Candlebox” by Candlebox, a hard-rock effort from circa’ 1993/1994.  The entire CD is solid (“Far Behind” was the hit single), but Track 4, “No Sense”, is phenomenal (so is “Change” , Track 2).



APR 27 2013  004Nikon D5000 with a Nikkor 18-70mm F/3.5-4.5G ED lens shot at F/7.1 and a 1/125 of a second shutter speed.  ISO 100.  Focal length: 38mm (APS-C).

‘X’ marks the spot.  I found these intersecting contrails interesting so I grabbed my D5K.  I wanted to saturate the colors a bit so I went into Manual Mode to darken it up.  I also used a polarizer.  In addition I pumped up the color and contrast during RAW processing.  This is looking east from my home.  



APR 27 2013  006aNikon D5000 with a Tokina 12-24mm F/4 AT-X PRO DXII lens shot at F/9 and a 1/50 of a second shutter speed.  ISO 100.  Focal length: 12mm (APS-C).

Trees in my backyard at sunset.  During a caution of tonight’s NASCAR race at Richmond, I stepped outside and saw some photo possibilities.  I took a series of them during commercial breaks, and this was my favorite.  My Nikkor lens didn’t go wide enough for the effect I wanted, so I used Soupcan Stan (my Tokina ultra-wide).  There is a distinct flaw here, however.  Do you see it?  Yep…in the upper right, there is a vivid contrail, and it’s out of place.  Sometimes, even the King of Kontrails, fails.  Still, I like the composition and the colors.  This was also taken in Manual Mode to darken the overall scene by under-exposing it.


Kinda nice not having any SNOW in these shots, just from a climatological standpoint.  I have had enough of Winter.  Actually, I still have some snow in my yard, but it’s almost gone.


all images © Scott Woelm – April 2013