April 12, 2013 Winter Shots


An early arrival at work allowed me time to grab some shots of the recent snowfall.  I’m reading another Galen Rowell book and currently he’s discussing images taken under cloud cover (otherwise known as “soft light”).  So I wanted to try some.  All of these were once again taken with the Canon A4000 IS pocketshot.


APR 12 2013  001Canon Powershot A4000 IS shot at 1/160 of a second shutter speed.  ISO 100.

There are multiple wooded areas nearby work, and I took this just down the road (Tammy, it’s right by your work–bet you know where!).   I took two compositions; one with the orange pylon and one without.  I like the color, and the dichotomy of the pylon.


PLEASE NOTE: the Canon A4000 IS only has a few aperture/F-stop settings; it’s almost fixed (this is very common for cheapie pocktshot cameras).  So, I’m no longer listing that in the metadata.  I don’t want to confuse people looking at those settings, because their DSLR is WAY different, and “F/3” is NOT always a good choice.  Do you LIKE how I use CAPITAL letters to get MY point ACROSS?




APR 12 2013  002Canon Powershot A4000 IS shot at 1/250 of a second shutter speed.  ISO 100.

The dead branches/trunks at the base of this Treesome Foursome is what caught my eye.  I liked black & white so I went with that.  I also hopped up the contrast a bit in post-processing.




APR 12 2013  003Canon Powershot A4000 IS shot at 1/125 of a second shutter speed.  ISO 100.

I like the fuzzy white snow against the brown trunk.  The assorted branches added some flavor.


I’m listening to Joe Satriani’s classic “Surfing With the Alien” CD as I build this page…he’s an amazing guitar player…and Rush gets inducted into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame in a few days!!!




APR 12 2013  004Canon Powershot A4000 IS shot at a 1/400 of a second shutter speed.  ISO 100.  IMAGE CROPPED.

This is a bud on a bush at work.  Check out the macro of that pocketshot!  No, it’s not pin-sharp like a 5D Mark III ($3,500 body only) with a $1,500 macro lens…of course not!  However, it ain’t bad.




APR 12 2013  005Canon Powershot A4000 IS shot at a 1/500 of a second shutter speed.  ISO 100.

I was looking out a window in our warehouse and saw snow draping down a Buick at the body shop next door.  I said “I can make a photo of that!” and grabbed my trusty Canon.  Rather than shoot the entire car with a poor background, I got in close.  This is the result, and is my favorite from the day.




APR 12 2013  006Canon Powershot A4000 IS shot at a 1/800 of a second shutter speed.  ISO 100.

I’d sure like scenes like this, and high temperatures 20 degrees below standard, would go away.  Maybe by August?


I hate to sound like a broken record here but repetition for retention, right?  It is SO important to over-expose when shooting snow.  At the very least, be aware of that.  I continue to see dull, flat, lifeless Winter images because the dumb cameras that smart people use are having their exposure meters fooled by the bright snow.


See, you can be creative and get decent (not awesome, but decent) images with a cheapie pocketshot camera.  Click on the snow covered Buick shot; look at it!  Just so you know that I’m not a complete idiot; I realize the dynamic range of this isn’t even close to that of a quality DSLR.  Yes, I get it!  However, I sure enjoyed shooting with my pocketshot and had fun playing with the limited creative control features.


all images © Scott Woelm – April 2013