I am Scott Woelm (pronounced “wool-um”) , a photo-enthusiast from Fridley, MN. MAR_25_2014__001aHere’s the deal…essentially, this is here so I can display my photography.  After trying free web sites from MySpace and my own ISP, I got frustrated by how limited they were.  So, I put a crowbar in my wallet and got my own.  Extra-special thanks go out to Super Ron Rowland (www.dachshundracing.com) for his considerable assistance to get this site functioning, and Jeff Machusak for his valuable input.

So why “Blue Light Pix?”  After deciding to go with my own web site in May of 2012, I had to come up with a domain name that wasn’t already taken.  Yeah…good luck!  I was sitting in my living room wracking my brain trying find a good name; each one I thought of was already taken.  As I spun my chair around I looked at my TV; on top of it sits a digital signal converter box (I’m too cheap to have Cable).  When it’s on, it displays a blue light:I also noticed the power light of my computer monitor was also blue.  That sealed the deal.  Then I went with “pix” as in the pixels of digital photography.  Also, photographers will be familiar with “blue light” which takes place during dawn and dusk.  The banner image displays that quite well.

I hope you enjoy your stay at Blue Light Pix.  Feel free to contact me with any comments.

Roshimbilas…Roshimbilas to all,